Lockdown 2020...

Hi from us here @ The Keto Pantry. We hope you are all well and staying safe in these strange times.

So I will be honest, since we have been in lockdown we haven't been 100% Keto, I found it a struggle for a couple of weeks and found comfort in the wrong sort of foods. My head is now back in the game, I feel more positive about everything and I am making better food choices for us as a family.

This morning, I went for my second run in 4 days (I haven't ran for approximately 20 months). I really enjoyed the feeling of being out there on my own (with the exception of our golden retriever, Teddy), having my music on and just doing something for me. I don't get much time for me, since giving birth to our beautiful daughter 10 months ago, so even a 15 minute run at the moment is great but I'm looking forward to increasing my time and distance.

Dinner tonight is going to be homemade chilli (without the kidney beans 😉) with some sour cream and cabbage fried in butter with plenty of black pepper.

Are you still managing to exercise whilst in lockdown? What makes you feel good and are you finding it easy sticking to the keto way of eating?

We have good stock of all products and are still open for business. So you can get your keto products delivered to your door!

Stay safe.