Open for business

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

We are pleased to have completed our website and the shop is now open! We are stocking a range of products at great prices, including: granulated / powdered erythritol, erythritol gold, almond flour, coconut flour, organic cacao powder, MCT oil, electrolytes, flavoured stevia drops, coconut oil, porky snacks and ketone test strips. However, we are much more than just an online shop, we also have recipes on our website which we have tried and tested. We are aiming to build an online community where ideas, recipes, problems, triumphs, goals and food swaps can be shared.

We would like to know what you think of our online shop. Please use the contact us page, the chat button or visit us on Facebook .

Jamie and I started the ketogenic lifestyle in July 2019 and found shopping around for products very time consuming and also expensive. We came up with the idea of The Keto Pantry for others who follow this lifestyle, to try and make things just that little bit easier.

When we decided to change our lifestyle and embrace the ketogenic way of life, we went through our kitchen cupboards and removed all the products and food we would no longer eat / use. The amount of cupboard space we gained was incredible!! We went online to get the basics we needed to get us started (this gave us the idea for our starter pack) and we have not looked back since.

We are open